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Atta came to England in 1984. He obtained his BA and PhD in Mathematics at Churchill College, Cambridge. He has been a research associate at D.A.M.T.P., University of Cambridge, working with Professor H.K. Moffatt. In January 1997, he left the University and joined Orbis Investment Advisory Ltd in London. In May 2000, he joined Goldman Sachs and became a foreign exchange strategist.

Atta's life-long hobby is film-making. He and Dominic Chan are the founders of Cambridge Movies Workshop. To read more about CMW's films and their current activities, please visit CMW's official website.

The links below are from previous versions of this website. They are very old (life is so short).

Family and Friends (last updated: you can tell)

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Programming (last updated: Jan 2004)

Research Interests And People (has not been updated since 1997!)

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