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La Double Vie: Production Diary

In 2004...

I did not write a dairy when we shot La Double Vie... oh well

Thursday 01 December 2005

I have been trying to contact Sasha for a few months. Today she finally replied my email. There are a few holes in the film with no suitable music. We need to make something new in the next couple of weeks.

Saturday 03 December 2005

After hijacking Karen Ruffles' necklace for 20 months, I finally came up with an idea how to film the necklace. I suspensed the necklace in the air and filmed it using the sky and garden as background during the sunset hour.

We also re-recorded some of the Zoe's missing lines. The performance of the Rode NT5 (microphone) is amazing.

Sunday 04Dec05

The computer broke down. With film festival deadline fast approaching, this is the worst thing to have. I reinstalled Canopus software and Adobe Premiere several times, but Premiere just refused to start up. Finally, I noticed that I was able to start Premiere if I logged in as a different user. So it's a problem with corrupted personal profile. No data was lost. A lucky escape.

Thursday 08Dec05

I have finally reached the end of the film. The first cut is 70 minutes, and it really is very rough. There is a scene in which A talks to B. I put every shot of A on Video A track and every shot of B on Video B track and then moved on! In the next day or two I need to revise these bits but for now I have an idea how long the film is and whether we need more music.

Saturday 10Dec05

What do we do when the sound of a scene is unusable because kids were shouting aloud during shooting? When we shot a scene by River Thames in Lodnon, we arrived at the scene with a bunch of school kids as it was about 4pm.

So we decided to loop the dialogue. We could not even schedule Lewis and Mary together in the same session, so back in May 2005, we recorded Lewis' lines again at Science Park and Mary's lines in London at the original film location. Why recorded the lines outdoor? Because I don't know how to fake an indoor recording and make it sound like from outdoor.

Sunday 11Dec05

We shot the final scene of Cynthia's Choice with Lewis again. Last attempt did not work well because the sun dropped too quickly. This time we shot at lunch time to avoid the same problem. It was a very beautiful winter day with the sun casting an orange shade even at the lunch hour. I also needed Lewis to re-record one line of script, and we did it quickly inside my car.

In the evening it was voice over time with Zoe. Some sound recording at Barnard Farm was badly affected by radio interference.

Thursday 15Dec05

Tom came over and discussed about the film. For a film that jumps between two time lines all the time, it's clear that some scenes will benefit from more cues in order to keep the audience on their feet. Even Tom was confused with the story even though he had read the script before.

Sunday 18Dec05

Today we had a small show at Arts Picturehouse's screening room. 6 voluteers from Cambridge Filmmakers Network made comments on La Double Vie.
I had already modified some key scenes in the light of Tom's experience.

Monday 02Jan06

Happy New Year. I downloaded a shareware program called Wave Repair that implemented broadband noise reduction. I used it to clean the sound in a few scenes.

Friday 13Jan06

Where am I? When did I finish the editing? I slept long hours for many days after rushing for competition deadlines and skipping many nights of sleep. Perhaps this is now the time to thnk about publicity and screenings.

Wednesday 08Mar06

I moved home in January, so there have been no filming activities for a while!

Anyway, it is now the time to get the film out to the audience.

Last week I spoke to Brian and K from CineCam. We'll be screening La Double Vie at the beginning of Easter term on around Sunday April 30th.

And we will contact local media for some publicity...

Saturday 25Mar06

My wife and I went to Warsaw, Poland to attend the 5th International Film Festival "Oskariada". La Double Vie was shown there among other 30 films to an audience of 100. This was the first time we visited an Eastern European city. It was an interesting experience. LDV did not pick up a prize. We need to work harder!

Wednesday 05Apr06

The venue for LDV screening was confirmed: Sun 30 Apr, Queens Building, Emmanuel College. Time to make a poster?

Friday 07Apr06

I went to David Christopherson's stduio tonight. We recorded the last piece of music for the last scene of the film. I have been using a temporary track from a music CD. This piece of music is the last piece of the puzzle! We recorded a piece David composed himself, and also a piece of classical piano.

Sunday 09Apr06

Sat down with Tom and sorted out what we need to do for publicity. Publicity is actually quite a boring part of filmmaking. Making posters, writing press release, calling up people...


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