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The Screening of La Double Vie (Double Life)

Thanks to everyone who came to the screening...

Sunday 30 April 2006, 7:30pm
Queens Building, Emmanuel College

Admission Free

1. Battered Sausage
Dir: Emily Blickem    6min 50sec
It's not just the sausage that's battered... One kid's quest for a fast food fix.

2. Burning Love
Dir: David Hipkin    6min 45sec
When love goes unrequited, jealous feelings smoulder within the heart of a Toaster until...

3. Into the Darkness
Dir: Kate Robinson    25 minutes
The discovery of an ancient book leads Abigail down a path she never expected. Pursued by evil, haunted by the past and guided by a stranger, known only as Michael, she must restore the balance or face a world of darkness.

4. La Double Vie (Double Life)
Dir: Atta Chui    62 minutes
"Forget all unhappiness, forget all happiness as well."
If you can go back in time and re-live your life, can you make the new life a better one?

Admission is free. To reserve a seat, send an email to info@cambridgemovies.org.uk with subject heading screening.


La Double Vie Main Page
Story Outline
Production Diary
Jennifer Peachey
Mary Green & Lewis Westbury
La Double Vie: The Short Film

Produced by Atta Chui & Tom Ruffles
Written and directed by Atta Chui

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