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La Double Vie - Story Outline

Cynthia and Anthony were lovers in their teenage years. Their romance faded away with no apparent reason. Perhaps they were just too young. 10 years later they meet again. Anthony is already married to Sandy. His marriage is a natural consequence of a normal life. The reappearance of Cynthia, however, has changed his life. The days of separation have intensified the love between them beyond the level they could ever imagine.

Anthony would give up anything for Cynthia, but Cynthia feels very guilty for hurting Sandy. Deep in her mind, she is just not sure what the future would be if she runs away with Anthony. The affair drags on for a while. Sandy’s increasing suspicion puts more pressure on Anthony.

Cynthia asks Anthony to take a trip to a little village by the cliff. As they drive along wriggle paths on the cliff top, Anthony has no idea what Cynthia has in her mind. “If I pull the steering wheel, what happens?” Cynthia asks.

“We both plunge down into the sea, I supposed.”
“Forget all unhappiness.”
“Forget all happiness as well.”
“I’m afraid so.”

Cynthia sighs, “drive carefully.”

They arrive at a small inn and stay for the night. The next morning, Cynthia takes the car and drives away without a word…

Cynthia wakes up in a hospital. Her first eye contact is with Anthony. Anthony, in a doctor uniform, asks Cynthia: “Are you Cynthia?”

“I’m glad to see you again – after many years!” Anthony says.

A nurse comes in and assists Anthony. She is called Sandy. In the next couple of days, Cynthia begins to sense something strange in her memory. It seems that this is not the first time she meets Anthony after the teenage years. It seems that she has been with Anthony for years. There seems to be a second life of her, or perhaps she comes back in time and re-lives her life.

The story continues...

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