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A Dream with No Colour (1996)

Chinese title

  • Director: Atta Chui.
  • Starring: Connie Chui, Kevin Yuen, Stella Sher.
  • Written by Atta Chui.
  • 1996, 10mins.

This video has been sent to Hong Kong Arts Centre for HKSFVA 96 (Hong Kong Short Films and Video Awards); also to Tokyo 17th Video Festival.

After Kin (Kevin) and Stella broke up, Stella hides herself and the only way that Kin can talk to her is via their best friend Cindy (Connie). Everyday Kin leaves telephone messages on Cindy's answering machine and Cindy re-directs the messages to Stella. Since then, Cindy knows she can only express her love to Kin in her dream - a dream with no colour.

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