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Flower-not-flower III (1993, 1997)

Chinese title

Director: Atta Chui.
Starring: Annette Tso, Heidi Ha, Anthony Wang, Esther Chan, Wendy Cheng, Francis Chiu.
Written by Atta Chui and Stephen Lee.
1993, 40 mins.
Director's cut - 1997, 45 mins.

Man-Yee (Esther) and a novelist (Annette) meet at the waiting room in a train station. The writer tells a story (Anthony, Heidi and Annette) which reminds Man-Yee a secret about the death of her husband (Francis). Apparanetly Man-Yee told a lie to everyone in Flower-not-flower 1.


(larger image)

Flower-not-flower III (Far Fay Far) was first made in 1992-1993 as a concluding chapter of the Flower-not-flower series. A director's cut version was released in 1997. It has entered HKIVA 1993 and HKIFVA 1997.

Screen shots #1

Screen shots #2

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