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Memory Chase (1998)

Chinese title
  • Director, Scriptwriter: Atta Chui.
  • Starring: Ada Ma, Herman Kwong
  • Script Contributors: Ken Yam, Dominic Chan, Stephen Lee.

    1998, 15 mins. Cantonese with English subtitles.

    This video won the Distingished Award in Drama category at Hong Kong IFVA 98 (Hong Kong Independent Film and Video Award). It was also short-listed at BAVA 98 (British Amateur Video Awards) with Judge's Award Very Highly Commended.

    ... a very intelligent script, strong dialogue, a moving conclusion.
       British Amateur Video Awards 1998

    ... a superb example of how something can be both a puzzle and a delight.
       David Watterson, Nottingham Amateur Video Festival 1999

    ... philosophical, concise and complete story.
       Wai Ka Fai, Hong Kong Independent Film and Video Award 1998

I recently read several Haruki Murakami's novels including The Second Bakery Attack, Barn Burning and The South of Border, West of the Sun. His writing inspires this project. The story is based on an idea first suggested by Dominic Chan in 1995.

Special thanks to Louis Tao for his input.

A girl (Ada Ma) once had a strange experience involving a set of mysterious photos. Since then she found herself trapped in the memory and could not escape to the reality. Together with her best friend (Herman Kwong), they began a journey of chasing the memory.

Inspired also by a Fade Wong's song (1996, Chinese title ).

Director's notes

Poster used in Video Evening 1999

Screen shots #1

Screen shots #2

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