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Crying Origami (1999)

Chinese title
  • Director, Scriptwriter: Atta Chui.
  • Starring: Angela Peachey, Herman Kwong, Ann Chow
  • Script Contributors: Stephen Lee, Dominic Chan, Vivian Wan, Serena Lam.

    1999, 34 mins. English and Cantonese with Chinese/English subtitles.


Crying Origami won 3 prizes in De Drake (The  Dragon) Film Festival in Nov 2001 at Gent, Belgium. The prizes were: Best Cinematography, Second prize for Leading Actress and Special Award for Poetic Style. Dave Watterson from IAC has an article on this event.

Crying Origami was awarded a Gold Seal at International Film & Video Festival 2000 held by IAC (The Institute of Amateur Cinematographers) in March 2000.



... a stylish drama based on an unusual and compelling story line.
   IAC International Film & Video Festival 2000

... the beautifully-made paper models that permeate the action become symbols for a perfect love... This ambitious theme is developed gently and persuasively through the elegant and stylish screenplay.
   Will McKenzie, The Cambridge Student

... a complete, dramatic and compelling story.
   Kwok Tat Lin, The 5th Hong Kong Independent Film and Video Award

This film is based on a story by Hong Kong writer Tung Kai Cheung.

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'Crying Origami' traces the relationship between two people as they each struggle to reach their own definition of 'perfection' within the fragile confines of their lives. And does that 'perfection' preclude freedom?



... Tat learned about paper-folding from one of the books. The book has a chapter on Crying Origami. How can paper cry? At the highest point of perfection when art becomes life. The idea kept turning in his mind days and nights. The author of the book, Noriko, is still living in the town. Tat decided to give her a visit.

... Noriko took a blue bird from her bag. It took off from her hand and flew into the sky. She told Tat what her mother once said, `To fold a bird that can fly, you must love the bird and want it to fly. When your feeling is inside the bird, it becomes alive.'

... `Think of your love one whom you must leave. Fold a model with the special paper. The model will carry your love all the time.' When Noriko's mother died, the model she made got wet overnight. It cried.

Public showing of Crying Origami
Review from The Cambridge Student, 2 March 2000

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