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15 Minutes - Outline

Michala 2

Outline: 30 Aug 2001

K is having his dinner at McDonald on his own. He is busy reviewing some files and is about to leave and meet his client. A girl comes along and asks if she can sit down on the opposite side of the table. K wonders why she doesn't sit elsewhere since the McDonald is almost empty. He looks around; something unbelievable happens: everyone freezes. The staffs just stand still by the counters. The customers sit still by their meals. No one moves except, of course, the girl sits in front of K.

"Hmm, do you see what I see, I mean..." K breaks the silence.
"What's going on?"
"Do you believe in fate?"
"How does fate have anything to do with this?"
"I think you are supposed to meet your true love one here and it's supposed to be a very brief and romantic encounter. However, she is late."
"A traffic jam or something. So the world has to freeze until she arrives"
"Except you?"
"Well, I'm coming to comfort you. Anyway, it's only a 15-minutes wait."
"What? I'm going to see my client in 5 minutes."
"The whole world has frozen. Your client will wait."

Somehow K can accept the world is frozen, but he can't see how he can sit there and do nothing for 15 minutes. He is an insurance adviser. He works very hard, his schedule is always full, and his is successful. K feels increasingly uncomfortable; he begins to look at his files again. This time, the girl breaks the silence.

And the story continues...

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