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Screening of Crying Origami

Chinese title
  • Director, Scriptwriter: Atta Chui (Churchill).
  • Starring: Angela Peachey (New Hall), Herman Kwong (Trinity), Ann Chow
  • Script Contributors: Stephen Lee, Dominic Chan, Vivian Wan, Serena Lam.

    1999, 34 mins. English and Cantonese (with English subtitles).

Crying Origami will be shown on Friday 3rd March 2000 together with another short movie (Parricide) and a documentary (RAMNAGAR), both by Manish Tiwary.

Here are the details of the screening:

Date: Friday 3rd of March 2000.
Time: 8 pm.
Place: Wolfson Hall, Churchill College.

  • Parricide: Drama by Manish Tiweary 7 mins
  • Ware the weta: Documentary by Louisa Wood 4 mins
  • Crying Origami: Drama 34 mins
  • Ramnagar: Documentary on Kings and Gods by Manish Tiweary 42 mins

To read more about Crying Origami, follow the link at the end of this page!

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