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Star Field: Production Team

Producer, Scriptwriter and Director

    Atta Chui

Assistant Director, Casting Manager

    Dominic Chan

Script Contributors

    Dominic Chan
    Connie Chui
    Stephen Lee
    H.K. Lo
    Vivian Wan

Main Actors/Actresses

    Stella Sher
    Herman Kwong
    Martin Lau
    Pooi-Lam Wong

Supporting Actors/Actresses

    Vincent Mak as Pedestrian A
    Sai-Lap Lam as Pedestrian B
    Simon Ng as The Thief (Martin's team-member A)
    Paul Yeung as Martin's team-member B
    Carmen Ng as Martin's team-member C
    Lisa Yiu as Martin's team-member D
    Mr K. K. Chan as Stella's Father
    Cordelia Chui as Stella's daughter
    Dominic Chan as Detective A
    Atta Chui as Pocket-picker
    Joe Lee as Herman's partner (Detective B)
    Hin-Tak Leung as Detective C
    Simon Lam as Pooi's group-member
    John Cheng as Martin's team-member E
    Simon Tam as Detective D
    Kelvin Tse as Pooi's group-member


    Grace Tikun for bringing our attention to Saimon Fumi's `Starry Night'.
    Lien Seng Tan for arranging the instrumental version of Star Field (Sukie Kwan).
    Hin-Tak Leung for making a poster of Pooi-Lam.
    Wincy Tang for her laptop.
    Anthony Kwong for composing the song and writing the lyrics for Star Field.
    Roy Roh for his friend's hand-gun.
    Moller Centre for use of the lecture theatre.
    Tina Tin for her laptop and a CD case.
    Vivian Wan for her laptop.
    TFD research group at DAMTP for camera and mic.
    DAFT research group at DAMTP for use of their colour laserprinter.
    Signal processing research group at Engineering Dept for headphone.
    Lo Sai-Lai for driving his car.
    Maura Bourdon for her 60s style radio and bike.
    Locksley Woo for his CD discman.
    Andrew Chan for cigarettes.
    McDonald for their breakfast deal.
    Anonymous manager at King's Cross for his extended patient.
    BBC Radio Cambridgeshire for use of their office.
    George Howe for general help (the night porter at BBC Radio).
    The Wine Shop (Trumpington Hight Street) for use of location.
    Andy Wong for his mobile phone.
    Anthony Cheng for his account card to enter Churchill College's squash court.
    Lien Seng Tan for his table lamp.
    Addenbrooke Hospital (canteen) for use of their canteen.
    Simon Tam for driving and knocked down by his car.
    Anonymous security officer at Science Park for use of location.
    Sam Chiu for driving his car.

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