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Star Field (1996)

Chinese title

Star Field poster
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  • Director, Scriptwriter: Atta Chui.
  • Assistant Director, Casting Manager: Dominic Chan.
  • Script Contributors: Dominic Chan, Connie Chui, Stephen Lee, H.K. Lo, Vivian Wan.
  • Starring: Stella Sher, Herman Kwong, Pooi-Lam Wong, Martin Lau.

    1996, 50 mins. Cantonese with English subtitles.

    The 'competition cut' won The Selected Work in Drama catergery at Hong Kong Short Films and Video Awards (HKSFVA 96) held by Hong Kong Arts Centre. It was then selected for screening at Lam Pak Yan Theatre (Hong Kong) for two sessions in January 1997.

Two policemen, two love stories: The reunion of a policeman (Herman) and his first lover (Stella) happens at a wrong place at a wrong time; a secret police (Martin) and an anti-government activist (Pooi-Lam) seem to fall in love with each other at the first eye contact. Intertwining fantasy and real world, love and misunderstanding, trust and betrayal, everything is linked up by a love song on a CD.

List of people involved.

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