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List of Productions


  • Supermodel of the Century  Chinese title Atta Chui, Stephen Lee 50 mins Comedy
    Mak (Stephen Lee)'s life has always been controlled by his parents and his girl-friend Fong (Linda So). He starts a new job, under Fong's instruction, as a male model for a female artist (Florence Lee) with whom Mak quickly falls in love. Mak shares his secret with his best friend (Billy Chan) who helps him to fight for a new life.
  • Flower-not-flower (Far Fay Far)  Chinese title Atta Chui 28 mins Love story
    The husband (Francis Chiu), his wife (Esther Chan) and his first lover's sister (Wendy Cheng) meet at the waiting room in the airport. Their conversations are plain and dull until one of them leaves the room... A stylish presentation suggested by Dominic Chan, story partly developed by Chung-Kui Cheng.
  • The Ghost Story  Chinese title Willy Chan, Wing-Tang Kwok, Anthony Wang 20 mins Thriller
    Jacquelin (Joy-Shan Lam) suspects that her husband (David Lam) has an affair with her best friend (Helen Lam) and is given an opportunity for a revenge when she meets a devil.
  • So What?  Chinese title Tom Ng 25 mins Drama
    A young man (Steve Yeung) finds the way to success, but loses his best friend (Reymont Au) and his lover (Wendy Cheng). A lesson that we must learn!
  • The Fate  Chinese title Atta Chui, Stephen Lee 70 mins Comedy
    Ah Fai (Fai Ng) always complains that the fate never smiles at him. When he dies, he is given a chance to challenge the Gods in the court. Can he win? Also starring: Susan Tang, Dominic Chan, Wai-Yan Lee, Jenny Liu, Francis Chiu.
  • The Detective and His Lover  Chinese title Willy Chan 30 mins Thriller
    Annette Tso becomes mental disorder after the double murder of Anthony Wang (her fiance) and Heddy Tsang (her sister). Detective Ken Chiu approaches Annette and an intimate relationship quickly develops.
  • Tin Mong  Chinese title Dominic Chan 20 mins Suspense
    Murder in a college room - with all the evidences this is supposed to be a simple case... Starring: Andrew Tong, Heidi Ha, Ronald Ma.
  • Flower-not-flower II  Chinese title Atta Chui 40 mins Love story
    The love story of Ka Ming (Francis Chiu) and Wing-See (Wendy Cheng) continues as the film reveals what had happened during the last few days before Ka Ming died. Told from Wing-See's view-point, the story contrasts with what we have seen in Flower-not-flower I. Also starring Esther Chan.
  • Vanishing Star  Chinese title Stephen Lee 60 mins Drama
    A photographer (Margaret Chan) parts with her boyfriend for no reason. An accidental encounter with a stranger (Joyce Chan) gradually reveals what has long been hidden inside herself and ruthlessly destroys her perfectionist illusion.
  • Evening Bell  Chinese title Stephen Lee 50 mins Drama
    Still young and still idealistic, friends, lovers, student activists... Then comes the overwhelming civil war... No more young and no more idealistic, friends are taught to betray each other, lovers are taught to hate each other. Before the deadly shot, a pitiful wish is granted. A prisoner and an executioner spend their last day as lovers together. Starring: Joy-Shan Lam, Willy Chan, Carmen Chan, Archie Yeung.
  • Those Days in Separation  Chinese title Atta Chui, Hoi-Kwong Lo 90 mins Comedy
    Hong Kong soap opera type comedy. The lovers Ken (Cambridge) and Agnes (Caltech) experience completely different styles of living when they are apart. Starring: Ken Chiu, Bonnie Chiu, Agnes Lew, George Wong.
  • Sunrise: The Production  Chinese title Atta Chui, Stephen Lee 50 mins Documentary
    Part dDocumentary, part fiction. This film is an epic story about a reporter (Kevin Yuen) who talked to the crew of a drama production and fell in love with the actress (Winnie Kwan). The drama, Sunrise, was directed by Janson Leung and produced by Patricia Tse, starring Ken Chiu and Bonnie Chiu.
  • Awakening  Chinese title Wincy Tang, Margaret Wong 30 mins Drama
    Vivien Yeung is a career girl who has no time to think about her family... until a car accident happens. Also starring Martin Lau.
  • Flower-not-flower III  Chinese title Atta Chui 45 mins Love story / Suspense
    Man-Yee (Esther) and a novel writer (Annette) meet at the waiting room in a train station. The writer tells a story (Anthony, Heidi and Annette) which reminds Man-Yee a secret about the death of her husband (Francis). Apparanetly Man-Yee told a lie to everyone in Flower-not-flower 1.
  • Love by Mistake  Chinese title Clifford Chan 45 mins Love story
    Starring: Yee Lee, Carmen Chan, Charlton Tse, Sandie Chia. 100% feeling love story.
1993-94 1994-95
    Ching Hin Yik Sin  Chinese title series created by Dominic Chan
  • 100%  Chinese title Tina Tin 12 mins Love story
  • The Cross-Road  Chinese title Vivian Wan 11 mins Love story
  • The Unfinished Novel  Chinese title Atta Chui 17 mins Love story
1995-96 1996-97 1998 1999 2000 2002
  • 15 Minutes  Atta Chui 11 mins Drama (co-production with Dealing-with-it Films (workshop))    (watch movie)
2004 2005



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