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CMW: Introduction

Star Field (1996)

When did CMW start?

We made our first film "The Super Model of the Century" in 1988. At that time, we rented all the equipment from a rental shop. The weekly rental rate for a VHS camcorder was 50. There were 3 people writing the script, and we invited all final year students in our circle to participate. The process generated a lot of good laughs. Since then, we never stopped.

Does CMW have a particular aim or focus?

Not particularly. We don't have formal membership. A film can be on any topic as long as there is one person leading the project. Among us, we share resources and experiences, but we neither promote nor teach filming. We believe that there are loads of natural-born directors and actors around.

Why are many CMW films in Cantonese?

Both founders of CMW, Atta Chui and Dominic Chan, are from Hong Kong. Naturally, the early CMW films were made by Hong Kong students for the same student community. The annual video screenings were often sponsored by CUCS (Cambridge University Chinese Society).

Some photos of CMW people in those days.

As our experiences grew, our productions became more ambitous. We recruited many talents at the University and locally. Today, CMW films are in English and, more often than not, with an international cast and crew. Our films enter film festivals in UK, Europe and worldwide.

Is there anything for me?

Feel free to send me an email indicating your interests and what you would like to do. You can join a production at any stage: script writing, shooting, acting, editing, music composition, etc. Even better is to make your own movie. Talk to us and see what resource is available.

Can I see CMW's productions?

On this website, you can watch some of our films online. We also distribute our productions on tapes/CDs/DVDs.

We try to organise video evenings from time to time. These events are open to everyone.

CMW worked from Atta's garage in 1996

Visit Atta Chui's personal home page
Visit Dominic Chan's personal home page


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