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Cambridge Movies Workshop is a non-commercial filmmaking group based at Cambridge, England. We make no-budget films as a hobby. Our films are shown to local people as well as international audience at film festivals around the globe. More
About a Lyric UPDATE Mar 2012 - We will resume filming in 2 weeks' time and we are now busy finalizing locations and calling actors. Get in touch if you are interested.
About a Lyric
Filming has began last summer but was interrupted. We will resume in mid-March 2012. Contact us if you would like to participate in this production...
Clips from La Double Vie
Two clips from La Double Vie can now be watched online. Hopefully this will give you an idea what the film is like...
MTV for Akie's song is completed
It has been on the shelf for a long while, but we have finally made it. Soon we'll put it online...
Um Conto em Macau
Watch this music video by Joao Lopes-Dias on our online movie page...

Other News

Do you watch movies? Have you ever wondered why Hollywood studios can burn millions of dollars to produce a film with expensive actors, inferior script and not-so-special effects that we have all seen before?

Do you think you can make a better one? Making a film with no budget means you can only buy limited resources, but your creativity and enthusiasm have no limits.

Acting, script writing, procducing, music composing... no matter where your interests lie, feel free to contact us and explore possibilities.

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